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Coffee for cafés,
home and office Trismoka

An artwork arises from the meeting of an artist and its muse: the union which generates something not existing before. This is coffee for Trismoka. A source of inspiration for the barista. Trismoka’s coffee blends for cafés, home and office and the single-origin selection are the results of a meticulous selection of plantations and single coffee beans and of accurate manufacture, where nothing is left to chance. This is the only way we are sure to provide our estimated baristas the colours, the aromas and excellent taste with which they can create, from a simple coffee, a small artwork.

Single-Origin Coffee

A coffee collection for cafés (and more) that depicts, through aromas and flavours, the uniqueness of its homeland.

caffè monorigine Trismoka

Very full body and medium-high acidity. Notes of apricot jam, dark cocoa and chocolate.

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Balanced and full-bodied, with hints of cocoa. A malty taste with hibiscus flower and citrus notes.

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Hints of ripe fruit and caramel. Excellent dark chocolate aftertaste.

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Intense and full-bodied. Fine acidity, with hints of apricot and red plum.

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The Blends

Coffee, according to Trismoka. Fifty years of research, selection and love for coffee inspire five blends for cafés that represent the Manifesto of flavour.

miscela caffè crema Trismoka CREMA

30% Arabica. A creamy and intense coffee with chocolate hints and an enveloping, persistent body.

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miscela caffè italiano Trismoka ITALIA

50% Arabica. Structured body with chocolate flavour, particular suitable after meals.

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miscela caffè brasiliano Trismoka BRASIL

70% Arabica. Milk chocolate aromas give way to flavours of raisins, dried figs and caramel.

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miscela caffè degustazione Trismoka DEGUSTAZIONE

80% Arabica. Strong flavours of cocoa and cereal, slightly bitter, lightly acidic and spiced.

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miscela caffè gourmet 100 Trismoka GOURMET 100

100% Arabica. A velvety body that gives cocoa and chocolate flavours, with a citrus aftertaste.

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The compostable capsules

Great and environmentally friendly: here you are the new compostable and biodegradable Trismoka capsules, compatible with the Nespresso® system.

capsule caffè sublime Trismoka SUBLIME

Coffee in Nespresso® compatible capsules, with notes of caramel and chocolate.

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capsule caffè cremoso Trismoka CREMOSO

Coffee in Nespresso® compatible capsules, with notes of chocolate and cereals.

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capsule compostabili Trismoka DECAFFEINATO

Coffee in Nespresso® compatible capsules, with hints of chocolate.

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The coffee pods

Trismoka quality coffee compressed in pods, to be enjoyed at any time of the day. A practical and sustainable choice, which does not give up on taste.

miscele di caffè Trismoka MISCELA CLASSICA

Roasted and ground coffee pods, for espresso.

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cialda decaffeinato Trismoka DECAFFEINATO

Roasted, decaffeinated and ground coffee pods, for espresso.

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