Coffee artists
Coffee Artists

Our mission has always been to promote the culture of a great espresso, which means much more than simply selecting and distributing the best quality coffee for cafés (and more). As a matter of fact, a great skill in roasting the product is needed, as well as a huge attention on its preparation, with special regards to training and assisting our estimated baristas. So that nothing is undervalued in the difficult art of preparing an excellent coffee.

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We create new tasting experiences
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The craftsmanship of our products at the café, like at home
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The Single-Origin

Coffees from individual and selected plantations.

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The capsules

100% compostable capsules, compatible with the Nespresso® system.

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The blends

The best Arabica in the world, in the classic ground and grain format.

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The coffee pods

A practical and sustainable choice, which doesn’t hold back on taste.

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Discover the secrets of our art
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Why choose Trismoka

The Coffee School

Production 4.0


Trismoka is the great coffee,
that respects the environment
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Organic and artisanal cultivation methods
100% compostable capsules
Photovoltaic and air transformation systems
Recyclable glasses