We simply ask one thing to all baristas all over the world: to be in love with coffee

Coffee Artists Our mission has always been to promote the culture of a great espresso, which means much more than simply selecting and distributing the best quality coffee for cafés. As a matter of fact, a great skill in roasting the product is needed, as well as an huge attention on its preparation, with special regards to training and assisting our estimated baristas. So that nothing is undervalued in the difficult art of preparing an excellent coffee.

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Coffee is a small art work.
It isn’t easy to be realized, this is why we help our baristas.
With the same love and care that we give
when roasting each single coffee bean.

Single-Origin Coffee

The latest creation by Trismoka. A coffee collection for cafés (and more) that depicts, through aromas and flavours, the uniqueness of its homeland.


Full body and medium-high acidity. Flavours of apricot jam, dark chocolate and cocoa.

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Medium body and great acidity. Flavours of almond and fruit pulp with an aftertaste of prune, hazelnut and cocoa.

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Balanced and full-bodied, with hints of cocoa. Flavours of malty, hibiscus flower and citrus notes.

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A fine acidity that gives citrus sweet notes. An aftertaste of dark chocolate and spices.

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Excellent body and fine acidity. Apricot and red plum flavours and an aftertaste of ripe fruit aromas.

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The Blends

Coffee, according to Trismoka. Fifty years of research, selection and love for coffee inspire five blends
for cafés that represent the Manifesto of flavour.


30% Arabica. A creamy and intense coffee with chocolate hints and an enveloping, persistent body.

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50% Arabica. Structured body with chocolate flavour, particular suitable after meals.

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70% Arabica. Milk chocolate aromas give way to flavours of raisins, dried figs and caramel.

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80% Arabica. Strong flavours of cocoa and cereal, slightly bitter, lightly acidic and spiced.

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100% Arabica. A velvety body that gives cocoa and chocolate flavours, with a citrus aftertaste.

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