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The Blends

Fifty years of research, selection and love for coffee have inspired five blends which represent the Manifesto of flavour. Trismoka’s blends of coffee for cafés (also available for home and office) are a journey among the defining trends in Italy. Intense, sweet, soft, velvety. These variations have in common the choice to use only the best Arabica coffee in the world, whose percentages all coffee lovers tastes. After a meal, as well as in more gourmet situations.

chicco di caffè

Blends of coffee for cafés

Blends of coffee selected by Trismoka: Crema, Italia, Brasil, Degustazione, Gourmet 100

miscela caffè crema Trismoka CREMA

30% Arabica. A creamy and intense coffee with chocolate hints and an enveloping, persistent body.

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miscela caffè italiano Trismoka ITALIA

50% Arabica. Structured body with chocolate notes, particular suitable after meals.

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miscela caffè brasiliano Trismoka BRASIL

70% Arabica. Aromas of milk chocolate give way to raisins, dried figs and caramel.

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miscela caffè degustazione Trismoka DEGUSTAZIONE

80% Arabica. With clear aromas of cocoa and cereal, slightly bitter, lightly acidic and spiced.

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miscela caffè gourmet 100 Trismoka GOURMET 100

100% Arabica. A velvety body that gives hints of cocoa and chocolate, with a citrus aftertaste.

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video Gourmet 100 - Miscela di caffè 100% arabica Trismoka