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Not just coffee

Barley, ginseng, tea, chamomile, chocolate, brown sugar

For us every moment is a chance to indulge in a great espresso. But our passion does not stop us from discovering and providing every nuance of taste. Barley, ginseng, tea, chamomile, chocolate, brown sugar and refined sugar sweeteners complete our collections of coffee for cafés. Respecting the principles. We actually request the high quality of our blends even from the best suppliers: producers of flavour like us, that we select with great care and precision. You would do the same.

Barley, ginseng and decaffeinated coffee

The other types of coffee, for a pleasure that doesn’t end.

Barley and ginseng

Powder format with Trismoka machine

Decaffeinated coffee

Practical packaging, in single bags

Chocolate, tea and chamomile

For us as Trismoka, the taste is a serious matter. And we select all the varieties, with the same care that we devote to the best coffees.


The taste varieties, according to us. Only authentic tastes. Selected just for you.

Tea, herbal tea and infusions

Every cup served in our bars contains only the aromas and perfumes that have been able to conquer us.

Brown sugar, refined sugar and sweetener

A full range of products to make the coffee break in Trismoka coffee shops even more delightful.

Refined sugar

Highly soluble

Brown sugar

An all-round taste


For a lighter sweetness

Drinks pods

A new system to multiply the flavor nuances.


For those searching for sweetness and energy

Ginseng with Ginger

Sharp and spicy aftertaste

Ginseng and Green Tea

The delicate oriental taste


The ideal drink for everyone

Hazelnut coffee

A delicious and embracing aroma

Ganoderma coffee

For a perfect and healthy taste