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Trismoka Collection

This art is not just a question of flavours and tastes. This is why we dedicate great passion to everything that has to do with a great espresso. Like the coffee cup: an object of design that we have chosen to reinvent together with the creative minds of tomorrow. Every two years we invite the graphics and arts senior schools in Brescia and Bergamo to study a new Trismoka Collection. A design competition that encourages students to open their minds to creativity, challenging them to come up with a new limited edition espresso cup set. Our gift to all lovers of art and coffee.

Gaia Terranova, student of the IVF of the "Tartaglia-Olivieri" Institute of Brescia, is the winner of the competition for the making of the new Trismoka Collection 2018. Her work, entitled "Fogli e Foglie", was chosen to decorate the 2018 limited edition collection of Trismoka espresso cups. The second prize was awarded to Arianna Colajori and Cecilia Tamagni, of the V A of the artistic high school "Camillo Golgi" of Breno, for the proposal "Memoria di un pesce rosso". The third prize was won by Marco Tintori, of the VB TG class of the "Zenale e Butinone" Institute in Treviglio.

To decorate the Trismoka Collection 2018, the jury composed of critics and journalists has chosen "Fogli e Foglie" by Gaia Terranova. The choice of the stylized shape of the coffee leaves, the chromatic impact of the colors adopted, the attention to the translatability of the solution on a cup of coffee indicate a perfect adherence to the spirit of the competition.

The artistic competition is a project realized in partnership with AAB - Associazione Artisti Bresciani, under the patronage of the Municipality of Brescia.