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Materials for service

At Trismoka we are passionate about the café’s world: a place we all have imprinted in our mind, an image made up of several and small details. A barista wearing an uniform. A coffee tamper. A croissant gently placed on a napkin. Important elements to which we pay the right attention in order to give our customers a complete service. All they need to do is thinking about their craft.

Everything All what is needed for an excellent service

To make every coffee break in a Trismoka’s café an immersive involving experience that involves including sounds, smells and of flavor colours, we support our baristas in taking careing for of every large big or small detail.

Coffee cups, espresso cups, paper cups, stirrers, sugar containers, napkins, tampers.

The distinctive marks, reserved to a coffee artist

You can recognize a Trismoka’s café at first glace. You will appreciate it while waiting for a great espresso. You will remember the enjoyable aftertaste that goes along with you all day.

T-shirt, apron, watch and brand sign.
We give our baristas the distinctive marks of a true coffee artist.