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Roasting the beans

tostatura caffè Trismoka

Transforming the coffee beans into brittle, light, brown and fragrant grains is a kind of magic and it is only possible for those with great sensibility. Those who know the clever art of roasting and know how to identify the exact moment when a coffee becomes a great coffee. It is at this stage that the taste and aroma are shaped: the special fusion among 800 substances that arise only at the highest temperatures. Roasting for too long can spoil the magic, destroy the composition of volatile aromas, drain the coffee of flavour and throw off the delicate balance between acidity and bitterness. Trismoka’s roasting is an old recipe: fifty years of experience reproducing the perfect fragrance, flavour and body.

The Transformation Under the heat, the green coffee beans change colour, become lighter and increase in volume, as a result of Co2 production.

trasformazione di colore del chicco di caffè

Time The degree of roasting determines the organoleptic qualities of the final espresso. Acidity and body increase or decrease depending on the level of roasting.

grado di tostatura dei chicchi di caffè

Cooling The roasted coffee must immediately be cooled with air: only in this way are the best aromas preserved and every trace of moisture removed.

sacchi di caffè