caffè selezionato per bar
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Selecting the coffee

Only a good roasting does not make a good coffee roaster. Since it is on the plantations that the fate of our coffee is decided. Not all the varieties are the best and also the selection criteria, achieved over time, can suffer the consequences of a bad “crop”. The soil changes, as well as its fruit and their flavour. Recognising and combining them, for us, is an art, to ensure the best taste to the palate, is a creative challenge. Our blends are born like this: from selecting the best varieties of Arabica and Robusta, collected by expert hands basing on of the right level of ripeness, worked and long fermented in water. For a final flavour that is consistent, fragrant and refined.

Plantations The best ones are located along the Equator, at the highest altitudes. Well-known are those from South America, precious are those in Ethiopia.

Harvest The fruit growing on Coffea plants does not ripen evenly. Collecting the drupes manually guarantees harvest quality.

Processing The beans are covered in a flesh. By putting the fruit into a tank filled with water, the fruit ferments and it is possible to separate the beans to the cerry and the seeds can be left out in the sun to dry.